The engineering sector represents the basis for further development of the company. We offer a highly professional attitude towards all projects, as well as being fully technically outfitted, implying the engagement of highly qualified personnel, i.e. professionally and technically qualified teams charged with completing projects, as well as possessing all the necessary permits and certifications. The engineering sector is focused on three fields: infrastructure, industry and installations, cities-municipalities.



  • - Smart Grid Novi Sad
  • - Smart Grid Zrenjanin
  • - Substation 110 kVA Sremska Mitrovica
  • - Substation 110 kVA Rimski Šančevi
  • - Design and installation of microprocessor protection in SS 110/20kV
  • - Telecom Serbia DATA centar
  • - Replacing the backup power supply (UPS and DEA) at the Airport Nikola Tesla
  • - Substation 110/20kV Sombor 2 – rreconstruction of 110kV i 20kV relay protection

Industry and installations:

  • - 30 MVAr in 560 cabinets for reactive power compensation in the Electricity Distribution Facility Novi Sad
  • - 2 MVAr low-voltage compensation in Koteks Viscofan Novi Sad
  • - 1,3 MVAr medium-voltage compensation and 2.2 MVAr low-voltage compensation in FBC Majdanpek
  • - Reconstruction and modernization of the entire plant management of Drier in Agroglob Novi Sad

Cities and municipalities:

  • - Smart City Novi Sad
  • - Biogas powerplant in Vrbas