The operation of the wholesale focuses primarily on electro installation contractors and end users, as well as on the engineering and architectural bureaus, our distributors and construction companies. We direct our attention to the fields of industry, construction and infrastructure.


Clients in industry represent the main focus of Tehnounion since its establishment. We do our best to provide stable power supply by quality products, solutions and services to our clients in industry. Quality equipment, wide sales range, good technical support and fast delivery are our priorities.


Together with our partners, we have realized large and significant projects in the construction field on the territory of Serbia and Montenegro. We do our best to help electro installation contractors finish their projects well and on time, by providing quality solutions and fast deliveries.


Outdated energy infrastructure is one of the biggest obstacles on the road to accelerated development of Serbia. Tehnounion, for customers in this area, provides high quality and reliable solutions by covering a wide range of equipment: medium and low voltage devices, frequency regulators, UPS systems, diesel power generators, cable racks...